Trade services

Every residence at some time will require maintenance, remodelling, or refreshing. Our holistic approach for your convenience is to provide a service which will fulfil all your requirements. The standards of service and quality will be second to none, guaranteed. We have enjoyed a long term working relationship with most of our contractors, the quality of service and workmanship represents our reputation. So for your peace of mind, regardless of the scale works, a project manager will be assigned at no extra cost to supervise each step of the way.

Trades & Services We Offer

• Footings, pathways, driveways

Brickie, Stonemason
• Retaining walls
• Common and face

• Structural
• Finishes
• Doors
• Timber flooring
• Decks & pergola
• Exterior structures

Plaster boarding Rendering
• Cement and acrylic Painting
• Interior and exterior

Tiling and paving
• Porcelain, ceramic, stone, marble and granite Roofing
• Concrete, terracotta tiles, and sheet metal

Guttering Landscape
• Soft and hard surfaces